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Length: 6'10" Width: 23 1/2" Thickness: 3 1/2"  Volume: 60.0

Fin Setup: 5-Fin FCS IITech: SLXTail

Shape: Diamond

About the Walden Mini Mega Magic SLX Surfboard: The New Mini Mega Magic is a smaller version of the best selling Mega Magic. Sized between 6-7’ it is a sporty version of our Mega Magic. Designed for the bigger guy who is looking for a bigger shortboard ( rather than the Mega Magic which is a shorter longboard). The length-to-volume ratio is the key element that delivers significant performance advantages over other surfboards in its class. The Mini Mega has more of a shortboard outline with a slightly pulled in nose but with a lot of extra volume for maximum floatation yet it is still highly maneuverable. The outline is geared for performance surfing; the nose and tail have been pulled in to allow the board to fit into more critical parts of the wave and turn in a tighter radius. The unique step rail on the deck combined with a hard edge and a beveled vee on the bottom strike a balance between bite and forgiveness when the board is set on rail. Like all Magic Models, the Mini Mega Magic features a unique patented hull design. Single concave runs from the nose through to the midpoint to enhance speed while adding control. Double concave extends towards the tail providing quicker response time and sensitivity through turns. Moderate vee out through the tail keeps the board highly maneuverable while also making for smoother rail-to-rail transitions.

About SLX Construction: SLX Epoxy produces a controlled flex pattern by combining the versatility of epoxy materials with the added advantage of reduced weight. All SLX boards have an EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated by hand using epoxy resin, biaxial fiberglass, and a specialized construction process. Featuring a high strength-to-weight ratio, and designs CNC milled directly from the shapers files. SLX boards feel light, responsive and are very sensitive under your feet. These boards are extremely versatile, easy to ride, and can be used in a wide variety of conditions.



Walden Mini Mega SLX Epoxy 6'10