• Award-winning surf toy and the world's first and only Surf Boomerang®


    • 1 Surfer Dude
    • 1 Super Cool Pet
    • 1 Unsinkable Surfboard
    • 1 Wing
    • 1 Skeg
    • 1 Fin-Key



Growing up in Norway, Voss Victoria discovered river surfing after finding the frigid ocean waters a bit too cold. Voss Victoria attended Valhalla University, where she met her Super Cool Pet pegasus, Bulken, on a river surfing trip. To this day, Voss Victoria spends her time exploring the best river surfing spots around the world with her Bulken by her side (or rather, at her feet on her surfboard). Mythical in her surfing abilities, Voss Victoria is known for conquering the Amazon and every river in Scandanavia. She’s currently working on surfing all 22 miles of Severn Bore in Wales in one continuous flow.

Mantra: “Surfin’ for miles on a river is a great ride!”
Home Break: Voss, Norway
Fave Surf Spot: “Pretty much any river with surf”
Bust Out Move: "My mythical carve and foam climb, both essential moves in my river surfing."
Fuels up on: Gravlax, lingonberries, meatballs, and pancakes (“any time of the day”)
Best Surf Memory: “Still working on it. I’ll be the first to surf the length of Severn Bore. It will be really special to break the current record of 12 kilometers.”
Best Beach Buds: Bulken, Laguna Luna & Astra, Maui Martian, Promethei Paula, Long Beach Larry
When Not Surfing: Studying Viking and Norse mythology
Advice for groms: “Surfin’ is not just for oceans”

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