• Award-winning surf toy and the world's first and only Surf Boomerang®


    • 1 Surfer Dude
    • 1 Super Cool Pet
    • 1 Unsinkable Surfboard
    • 1 Wing
    • 1 Skeg
    • 1 Fin-Key


Rincon Rex has been surfing for millions of years now. After attending Dino U (the first institution of higher learning, established well before the University of Karueein) he used the woodworking skills he learned to make his very first surfboard. This wound up being a fateful decision, as Rincon Rex and his Super Cool Pet cat, Santa Cruz, surfed their way to safety during the great Ice Age. As the only survivors of the Ice Age, Rincon Rex took it upon himself to teach the first humans how to surf. Rincon Rex knew how fun surfing was at the time, but he never could have guessed just how popular it would become around the world. Nowadays, Rincon Rex still finds his short arms an obstacle to paddling out, and Santa Cruz — perfectly content to sit and find the warm spots on their surfboard — is not much help. Rincon Rex was excited about the debut of Olympic surfing in Japan in 2020, and he looks forward to watching these events every four years. When you’re millions of years old, four years isn’t too long of a wait!

Mantra: “Back in the Ice Age, we had waves you wouldn’t believe”
Home Break: Rincon in Puerto Rico
Fave Surf Spot: Really big waves, so Cyclops, Teahupo’o, Nazare, Jaws—“having jet skis get me out to the top of waves really helps me overcome my short arms for paddling”
Bust Out Move: “Hard to believe given my size, but I’m pretty dainty walkin’ the nose”
Fuels up on: "Any nut, although I love white macadamia nut cookies whenever I can get my claws on them. "
Best Surf Memory: “I have two—surfing my way out of the Ice Age and teaching the first human to surf”
Best Beach Buds: Santa Cruz, Teahupo’o Tiki, Hossegor Hank, Donegan Doolin, and Surf City Sally
When Not Surfing: “Going to the gym—just love the treadmill and bicycles”
Advice for groms:“Learn to surf—there is a special connection with the ocean and its waves”

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