• Award-winning surf toy and the world's first and only Surf Boomerang®


    • 1 Surfer Dude
    • 1 Super Cool Pet
    • 1 Unsinkable Surfboard
    • 1 Wing
    • 1 Skeg
    • 1 Fin-Key


During his first visit to Earth, Maui Martian abducted a sheep named Bahthoven. He first became aware of surfing after studying Bahthoven’s brain waves, but during his time at the University of Mars, he couldn’t find any research on surfing. Fascinated with surfing, Maui Martian returned to Earth to try and learn more about it. Awkwardly enough, the first time he saw Donegan Doolin’s green hair he mistook him for a fellow martian. It was soon after this that he began practicing surfing, and Maui Martian found that Bahthoven was a great assistant in his efforts. Maui Martian's time in outer space helped him advance quickly, and before too long he was riding like a pro; impressing onlookers with the way he appears to effortlessly glide across the waves. Maui Martian has tried to teach Promethei Paula to glide the waves too, and he tells her it will help her surf on Mars. He often teases Paula by telling her that he’s already surfed on Mars, and that it “really is a blast without gravity!”

Mantra: “If I can surf, so can you!”
Home Break: Area 51—“makes me feel like home on Earth!”
Fave Surf Spot: Promethei Terra—“until Promethei Paula gets there, I’m the only one to ever surf it!”
Bust Out Move: Glide and curl—“people tell me it’s out of this world!”
Fuels up on: Moon pies
Best Surf Memory: Promethei Terra on Mars
Best Beach Buds: Promethei Paula, Voss Victoria, Long Beach Larry, and Donegan Doolin
When Not Surfing: Flying my UFO through the skies! It drives the Air Force crazy.
Advice for groms: “Don’t be foolish—even I wear sunscreen!”

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