• Award-winning surf toy and the world's first and only Surf Boomerang®


    • 1 Surfer Dude
    • 1 Super Cool Pet
    • 1 Unsinkable Surfboard
    • 1 Wing
    • 1 Skeg
    • 1 Fin-Key


Character Bio:

The proud creation of renowned CalTech grad Dr. Wave, H2O (codenamed Oscar) is the perfect surfing robot.
While Dr.Wave might have tackled any of the world’s problems with his superior intellect, he chose to focus on developing metals that would not rust in salt water. This led to his true passion project; creating H2O, the perfect surfing robot! Complete with special sensors to help detect perfect waves and create radical new surfing moves, H2O moved to Hanalei, Hawaii, with Dr.Wave to complete his surfing programming. Originally named H-20, Dr.Wave decided that H2O was a much better fit for the surfing robot after Hanalei Hawaii Oscar christened the automaton in the cool blue Hawaiian waters. H2O went on to become friends with Waikiki Woodie and Curl, the latter of which was used as the model for Rusty — H2Os Super Cool Pet and surfing companion created by Dr.Wave.

Mantra: As Dr. Wave says, “The best way to predict your future is to invent it!”
Home Break: Hanalei, Hawaii
Fave Surf Spot: The Arctic and Antarctica—“cold doesn’t affect me at all, so I can surf both of these; and Rusty just loves playing with the polar bears and penguins!”
Bust Out Move: Aerial drop into a Green Room tube, which I love doing at Nazare, Portugal
Fuels up on: A special oil that Dr. Wave invented that prevents me from rusting
Best Surf Memory: My first Green Room tube at Pipeline, really turned my bolts
Best Beach Buds: Waikiki Woodie, Curl, and Aussie Alice
When Not Surfing: Tightening my bolts
Advice for groms: “Surfing is all about sensing that perfect upcoming wave”

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