Long Fish

A close derivative of our best selling mid-length the Diamong Jig – taken to the fish level. We kept the same great elements of gradual smooth rocker, slight vee out the tail (added a touch of a spine through the fin section of this board) and the classic retro swallow tail offers new pivot points as compared to the Diamond Jig feel. Slightly wider tail also offers a straighter rail line and more surface area for increased down the line speed on a little more lack luster waves. Thinner and low 50/50 rails engage easily with the face offering a nice crisp hold when you want it and a bit of belly through the middle offer ease of transitions through the midsection of this board offering a diverse ride & feel in a unique and sexy shape. Think Throwback Retro Fish meets Midlength.


  • Skill Level

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    Board Shape Type

    Egg, Fish, Groveler, Midlength, Mini Longboard, Retro Fish, Small Wave

    Wave Size

    Small 0-2 ft, Fun 2-4 ft, Good 4-8 ft, Going Off 8-15 ft

    Wave Type

    Fast Point Break, Fun Point Break, Fun Reef Break, Soft Beach Break

    Tail Shape

    Fish, Swallow


    Single to Double in Vee thru Tail – 1/4" Single Concave to 1/8" Double Concave in 1/8" Vee thru the tail

    Rail Shape

    Mid w/ Hard Edge thru Tail – Stable Paddler with Easy Maneuvering in Good Waves

    Rocker Flow

    Medium/Flat Rocker – Little Extra Maneuverability & Forgiveness with good glide