Kindof like a blown up, prettier version of our Discus and Frisbee models. We drastically pinned out the tail, blunted the nose and lowered the rocker giving it more of a old school longboard front and and a performance egg / fun gun back end. With the hard edge through the tail and our typical 4+1 fin setup this thing has impressive hold when the surf starts picking up, some vee and a narrower tail makes this thing a breeze from one maneuver to another. Waves get small, just post up on the front end of this thing and you’ll be cruising. Blunt wide round nose makes this thing paddle like a boat, and the deep single concave through the nose offers plenty of stability if you want to spend some time up there. Great board for very small waves all the way up to a good pitching well overhead session.


  • Skill Level

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    Board Shape Type

    Egg, Groveler, High Performance Longboard, Longboard, Midlength, Mini Longboard, Old School Longboard, Retro Single Fin, Small Wave

    Wave Size

    Small 0-2 ft, Fun 2-4 ft, Good 4-8 ft, Going Off 8-15 ft

    Wave Type

    Fast Point Break, Fun Point Break, Fun Reef Break, Soft Beach Break

    Tail Shape

    Pin, Round Pin


    Longboard Blended Nose Concave – Deep Blended Single Concave thru Nose transitioning to Belly thru Vee thru tail

    Rail Shape

    Full w/ Hard Edge thru Tail – Stable Paddler with Easy Maneuvering in Softer Waves

    Rocker Flow

    Flat Entry w/ Extra Tail Rocker – Nose Riding Longboard Style, Reverse Rocker