This concave deck magic board is a more performance oriented spin off of our Cinnabun Model. We pulled in the tail quite a bit to help it hold in steer conditions and maneuver a bit crisper as your good wave shortboard would. Board features our Concave Skateboard style deck which allows your feet to sit into the board, offering a lower center of gravity feel and generally more control over a board that is a touch wider than what you may normally ride. Great response, great float and a good board to have in the quiver for a wide variety of daily conditions.


  • Skill Level

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    Board Shape Type

    Egg, Groveler, Midlength, Small Wave

    Wave Size

    Small 0-2 ft, Fun 2-4 ft, Good 4-8 ft

    Wave Type

    Fun Point Break, Fun Reef Break, Soft Beach Break

    Tail Shape

    Round, Round Pin, Thumb


    Deep Double Concave through Vee through Tail – Helps a Wide Board roll rail to rail

    Rail Shape

    Concave Deck down Rail – Adds Volume While Improving Rail to Rail Sensitivity Concave Skateboard Style Deck Grips Feet Through Maneuvers

    Rocker Flow

    Continuous Medium Rocker – Maneuverability & Speed in Small to Fun Waves