The Feelgood Series are the go-to boards in our line for paddlers looking for a best-in-class cruiser in a surf style design. These boards are super fun in small to head high surf, however are versatile and designed to perform in all conditions. They are stable and glide gracefully through the water. Whether paddling your local lake or cruising down rivers, taking a yoga class or just a nap, these boards will make you feel good and are fun for the whole family. We created a large range offering a variety of lengths and variable widths. There is sufficient volume variation across the range to accommodate nearly every shape and size of paddler.



SIC’s GC+ (Glass Composite + Innegra™) construction features a lightweight wood and glass sandwich construction with Innegra™ wrapping 360 degrees around the rails for strength and durable protection against paddle impact and the inevitable knock or drop on your way to and from the water. Our EZ Grab handle makes carrying your equipment, loading and unloading off the car, dock or boat, a breeze. These boards come standard with two leash plugs to maximize your options and on big days provide a backup against pullouts. The EVA decking also has a comfortable EVA kick pad to help you power through your bottom turns. Featuring a 2+1 fin setup with 12K carbon main fin and thrusters. The thruster boxes are FCS ll, which are compatible with FCS l fins. FSC I fins are supplied with the boards.


    10'." 32.0" 23.8 lbs 180 L GC+