1.5 Gallon Kit (High quality epoxy resin)

SBE-160 - 1 gallon

SBE - 262 .5 gallon

(Surfboard accelerator purchased separately)


PRO-SET Inc. has introduced an all new line of OEM epoxies designed to suit the rigorous demands of board sport manufacturers. PRO-SET Surfboard Epoxies are ultra-clear systems designed for high-volume production with fast flip times, excellent sandability and outstanding cosmetics in the show room and on the waves. They attain superior physical properties with room-temperature cure.

These new epoxies are formulated with optical brighteners that enhance whites and colors to bring out the best in today’s foam blanks and color graphics. They provide excellent UV and color stability for long lasting performance.

Here some techie stuff: The PRO-SET SBE line is formulated for rapid production with flip times as fast as 60 minutes at 85˚F with added accelerator. These systems are very low to no blush and sand easily without complicated additives.

SBE-262 Fast Hardener is formulated for hot coating and cooler shops. SBE-265 Slow Harder has low exotherm and is formulated for laminating, potting and hotter shops. SBE 460 epoxy accelerator speeds the cure time of SBE-160/SBE-262 when added at *3% by weight.

PRO-SET Surfboard Epoxy

  • Surfboard Resin

    • SBE-160 Classic Bright
    • SBE-163 Vivid Bright
    • SBE-166 Absolute Clear

    Surfboard Hardeners

    • SBE-262 Surfboard Fast Hardener
    • SBE-265 Surfboard Slow Hardener

    Surfboard Accelerator

    • SBE-460 Accelerator – Surfboard epoxy accelerator. Speed cure time of SBE-160 / SBE-262 when added at *3% by weight.