The 2016 Naish Glide 12’6” X30 GTW is a great choice for paddlers of all skill level who want to increase stability for touring, enjoying downwind runs, and racing. Its newly designed rocker and bottom shape easily adapt to any flatwater condition while the tail rocker allows for exceptional open water performance. The 12’6” is incredibly fast and maneuverable when compared to other performance race boards. The Glide features a piercing V nose and a flat rocker for incredible glide performance and it's oversized thickness and width provide more stability.


$1,999.00 Regular Price
$1,199.00Sale Price
  • Board Type Downwind, Race, Touring
    Length 12'6"
    Width 30"
    Thickness 7.3125"
    Volume 250L
    Weight 34.2lbs
    Fin System Single Fin
    Skill Level Intermediate