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6’2" x 22.25" x 2.70" | 43.50L


The Round Nose Fish Retro can be surfed in a wide range of sizes per rider weight and ability. Surf it small (at your HPSB volume) for good waves or advanced surfers. Surf it at your hybrid volume for all around performance. Surf it with more foam for easy paddling, extra glide and max grovel power. The original RNF, and RNF Redux like to be surfed small and normally don’t appreciate extra foam. This one thrives throughout the entire range giving it a much wider sweet spot with regards to sizing.The RNF and RNF Retro are average paddlers, where the Retro is a very easy/fast paddler, again, throughout the entire size range, no matter how much foam you throw at it. The RNF Retro catches waves with ease. It also has some great drive and glide down the line. Duh, it’s retro style fish, it’s gotta have that. Where this board surprises is when you hook it into a vertical turn or a sharp cutback off the top. The ...Lost Pelagic inspired sidecut rail outline and pronounced hip just after it, give this fish after-burners in the turn department. The flat deck transitions to angular tapered rails to give this board good grip at higher speeds in more powerful surf. You can ride it from puny grovel surf up to overhead point waves.The RNF Retro is geared up as a dedicated quad and likes a drivey fin set up like the Futures Controllers or FCS Mayhem Split Keels. You can also use Twin plus dual quad trailers or larger standard quad fin set ups.



LOST Round Nose Fish Retro- 6'2