12'6 x 28.5 " (275 L)


tretched outline
Stretched outline maximizes waterline, wide square tail offers extra stability

Recessed deck
Recessed deck combined with Strike rocker line makes the Ray super stable

Sharp rail edges
Sharp rail edges from centre to tail for extra stability and release

Deck V-Spine
Deck V-Spine up the nose for quick recovery and water dispersal

Performance rocker line
Performance oriented scoop rocker line for effortless glide and minimal wake off the tail

Flat deck shape
Flat angled deck shape for secure stance and water release

Narrow nose
Narrow racing style nose for smooth water flow

High apex rails
Extra volume in the rails with a high apex ensures a dry and stable ride for you and your luggage

Deck net
Deck net to attach luggage

Camera mount
Mounting point for action camera (camera not included)

Fanatic Ray Pure Light - 12'6