The ProWave line has evolved over the last couple of years into one of the widest ranges we offer, and underlines the needs of our international Team Riders who are pushing the boundaries of powerful performance surfing. Balanced and easy to paddle, they remain radical once unleashed onto a wave offering a responsive ride with quick acceleration and great speeds. The single into double concave bottom, surfy rocker line and biting rail shape allows for deep gouging carves, whilst the squash tail enhances tight arcs in the pocket. An increased nose width and evenly distributed volume flow gives the ProWave superb paddling efficiency, handling mushy day’s with ease.

As you charge down the line its flow is unprecedented, providing you with confidence and comfort even on the biggest days.

The 9’10” Semi Gun is a stretched out and narrower version of the ProWave, designed for charging big waves with speed and control. Its famous reputation remains as the first SUP to conquer the monster Shipstern’s Bluff, Tasmania!

The ProWave comes with five boxes to give choice for either the Quad or Thruster Fin setup, for flexibility to adapt the board to your style of riding or suit the conditions on the day.


$1,799.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price