• Steer and slash through the waves in confidence with the Dakine Graph 3-Piece Flat Traction. This multi-functioning pad sticks on the board with ultra strength glue providing incredible grip and does not absorb water. Custom beveled edges and die cut holes enhance the board's feel so you can push hard for maximum speed and drive.

    Whether you're trying to plant more tricks or stay on top of your board while riding big waves, this three-piece traction pad adds surefooted grip for surfers who prefer a flat-footed ride. Featuring a custom grid pattern and a proprietary blend of temperature-resistant EVA foam, the Graph Traction Pad is a no-arch design with a 25 mm vert wedge tail kick and beveled edges for reduced water drag. This eco-friendly traction pad features biodegradable foam and marine-grade 3M adhesive.


  • Dakine Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA foam
  • Positraction grid pattern
  • No arch
  • 25mm vert wedge tail kick with beveled edges
  • Cut outs enhance board feel and increase grip
  • 3M high grade adhesive
  • 12.50 x 11 inches (32 x 29 cm)

Dakine Graph Traction - Golden Glow